Eclectic. Effortlessly sophisticated. Avant-garde. With an approach which treads the fine balance between the timeless elegance of vintage style and the soaring heights of contemporary fashion, Robertto’s is redefining the iconic pocket square for the discerning modern individual.

Thanks to our tireless dedication to excellence in pocket square design and production, Robertto’s is continuing to give new meaning to this classic suit accessory. As the pocket square discovers a new generation of fans in the 21st century, and finds itself back in its rightful place on the high street, we aim to be peerless in our perfectionism, and ahead of the curve when it comes to the finer details of fashion. By utilizing the creative talents of world class designers, and by producing series of unique, characterful and beautifully colored pocket squares, Robertto’s strives to represent the zenith of pocket square craftsmanship, making no compromise when it comes to luxury and quality.

As we take our place among the world’s top designers of pocket squares, Robertto’s is confidently rising to the challenges presented by an ever more discerning customer base. Only the finest fabrics are selected for this range of artisanal items – each one a work of art in itself – as we know only the very best will do when it comes to adding that finishing touch to your outfit.

Dreamed up in New York City, handmade in England and Italy, and perfected for a global audience of style-conscious individuals, Robertto’s pocket squares feature patterns, colors and designs which range from the bold and vibrant to the subtle and sleek. We take great pride in every individual pocket square, and ensure that each one embodies the core values of what Robertto’s represents: peerless quality, unmatched luxury, and sheer excellence in design and execution.


Behind the Brand